Premature death comes from the accumulation of poisons

accumulation of poisonsDr. Darwin Smith – While we are healthy or feel healthy, we exploit themselves, their bodies, their capabilities without looking back, without thinking about the consequences. The machines we relate to thrift, MOT for cars – it’s the law. Mostly longevity is not ensured in animals and humans, which is confirmed by many facts. For example, the instability of the teeth, resulting in the animal is considered to premature death from hunger impaired vision and hearing leads to the destruction of insecurity.

Finally, premature death comes from the accumulation of poisons and toxins in the intercellular spaces and on disorders of the nervous system. But there is another enemy – the insidious and invisible. Name it laziness and weak willpower. Thousands of people have found the untimely demise of slagging of the body and disorders of the nervous activity just because it was too lazy to repeat the cycle every morning exercise, eat right.  the top ways

To win health, happy bodied longevity, little to buy a lot of books about the benefits of physical education, little interest in sports, watch sports lying on the couch. The main thing you need to find the willpower or gradually raise her to defeat laziness. Only in this case, success will be assured. Living cells cannot for one or two days to change its structure and functioning. This requires time. Elderly people or not previously engaged in physical culture should be involved in classes for a month.