Palm Oil Shortage Growth Of The Bones Of Children

Healthy children who are fed on milk formula containing “palm oil Olin” as an oil base in a mixture of fat, suffering from a noticeable lack of bone growth in the whole body, and confirmed that the containment structure for palm oil in quantities similar to those found in milk lead to a decrease in bone growth. revealed Khan from a recent study showed that palm oil is used in infant formula to simulate acid fatty acids in mother’s milk, but he was accompanied by a lack of absorption of calcium and fat in children who drink milk that contains palm oil, pointing out that the study made by comparing the accumulation of calcium in the bones of healthy children fed on a system dependent on the composition of rich oil palm others are fed on food free of palm oil.

Two weeks after the birth to 6 months was measured components of the bones in the whole body and bone density at the beginning of the period and after 3 and 6 months by using a ray x dual-energy, did not show the result has been a clear difference between the two groups for weight or length or circumference the head, while the measurement showed bone growth in the entire body and intensity of the first group a significant decrease in bone growth.

The overhanging vertical rod helps to tighten the spine. Recipe that rod Sticky rise two meters and just hanging out and your weight and body Dangler (-) Hours of sleep enough at night which is equivalent to 7 hours. (-) Does not shorten the normal amount of drinking water and is two liters per day. Do not despair if the parents are short films has been shown to me and I am persuaded that the length of this stature affect the environment surrounding the person and his lifestyle more than the influence of genes gene. Guide to the health of that what we see today from the father and mother of shorts accompanied by her young son (any young man or revocable length). And go to public places in order to be assured of the validity of my words. Also ask doctors about the health of this growth, and each needs has the uniqueness of the back muscles and Lord help you.


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