Height Growth And Development Of The Child

Inflammation (inflammation of the pharynx or throat) Pharyngitis that most children who are reviewing outpatient clinics in hospitals or health centers, and they are suffering from the heat with the illness..!! See what this tale!? What does that mean our doctors dear of this term!? Is it true that it is the cause of the disease in all these huge numbers of children!!!? , in fact: The inflammation, or the pharynx, in children, is part of a group infections affect Members upper respiratory tract, from the nose to the throat, pharynx and even bronchitis etc. When we say: acute pharyngitis, for example, but we mean by inflammation of the upper airways of these, with the focus of infection in the throat.

And when we say: inflammation sharp, I just mean by the above, with the focus of infection in the area ringed Tonsils. So on this basis, we say that the acute pharyngitis, or sore sharp, if they are one, or both , the term they are not commonplace in children under one year of age. correct: that acute pharyngitis, is a disease of school-age children, where the summit to happen at the age of 4-7 years, and continues through childhood and youth, which, if happened in the child does not has nothing whatsoever, meaning: that the presence does not affect not only on the ability of the child’s injury, nor the course of the disease and its complications.!

Happen acute pharyngitis in children two reasons: first: viral, which is often, where the proportion of not less than 80-85% of cases. , II: bacterial, and representing not adorn the 15% of cases, MRSA often concerned is the Streptococcus Group A – beta-hemolytic streptococcus. Hence, the clinical picture of the disease vary according to the causative agent. If the cause of viral: are often the beginning of the disease gradually, in the form of heat, and general fatigue, with loss of appetite, and often complain about the child from pain in the throat area. One indication of the fact that the disease is a viral, accompanied by infection with symptoms of colds known.


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