Effects of radiation on food

Effects of radiation on foodDr. Darwin Smith – Effects of radiation on food – This is another factor that negatively affects the human body. As a result of intensive food processing microwave rays may have the so-called ionization of molecules. This will entail a complete change in the structure of matter. The fact is that the microwave is capable of producing the novel compounds do not exist in nature.

They are called radiolytic changes. They are provocateurs appearance molecular rot. For example, microwave rays destroy the vitamins C, B and E, and the value of food in general is reduced by 60%. Radiation organism – Inter alia, microwave ovens have a huge negative impact on the human body cells, destroying their structure, leading to inability of the body to prevent the penetration of viruses and fungi. Suppressed and the mechanism of natural cell regeneration.  http://health.reviewship.com/grow-taller-4-idiots-review/

According to statistics, irradiated food can cause malignant tumors in the human digestive system, and the cellular tissue of the peripheral nature in general is experiencing a rebirth, which leads to indigestion. In conclusion, it is worth noting that especially careful in the use of microwave ovens must be future mothers as strong emission of electromagnetic fields can cause miscarriage, premature birth or the development of certain birth defects. Many habits, which at first glance seem to be “innocent”, can negatively affect both the health and the figure. Therefore, if you care neither one nor the other, try to develop healthy habits and get rid of bad.


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