Can Yoga Help to Prevent Falls?

YogaDr. Darwin Smith – Can yoga help to prevent falls? Yeah. Yoga improves balance by strengthening the lower part of the body, particularly the ankles and knees, and thus reduce the likelihood of falling. However, the fall in some cases may be due to a healthy state, and in this case, visit a doctor or a clinic competent to address falls in one of the local hospitals are a good idea.

Can yoga help with arthritis? 
yoga is considered common in people with rheumatoid arthritis Because of her style Latif in promoting flexibility and strength. And some research suggests that yoga can reduce pain and mobility problems in people with arthritis of the knee. However, some yoga movements are not suitable for people who suffer from arthritis.  alternative solutions

You search for a yoga teacher who has experience in arthritis and unable to adapt yoga movements depending on the needs of individuals, especially if you have an alternative joints. Check with your doctor or physical therapist if there are any positions in yoga you should avoid. Am I the great age to practice yoga?
 certainly do not. Often people start practicing yoga in the seventies of age and many say they wish they would have started at an earlier age.


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