Health problems and growth hormones

Health problems and growth hormonesDr. Darwin Smith – For tens of thousands of children treated with only sporadically occurring health problems, which are usually related to the underlying disease of the child and only marginally with the administration of growth hormone Your doctor will advise you about which indicators are just your child should monitor. Your child will come to control usually every three months.

Surveillance height measurement and calculation of growth rate, your doctor will assess the effect of growth hormone, according to the weight of the child, shall adjust the dosage. Laboratory samples will help to assess the efficacy and safety of treatment. If you are alone in the meantime observe changes in the health status of the child, do not hesitate to contact your healthcare team by phone! do these things

Please call even if there are technical problems with the injection pen. Although all injection pen for growth hormone are extremely reliable, cannot be completely ruled out technical failure. Growth hormone treatment in case of illness, the holidays, traveling … Healthy children produce growth hormone continuously. Therefore, neither the treatment of children with its lack should not interrupt when you are sick


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