Growth hormone is quite sensitive substance

Growth hormone is quiteDr. Darwin Smith – Treatment will not discontinue in children who suffer from growth hormone deficiency, such as in girls with Turner syndrome and children with chronic renal insufficiency. How do we keep the growth hormone? Growth hormone is quite sensitive substance, which is due to the heat can degrade into harmless but ineffective residues.

Therefore, it is necessary to store it in the fridge, in the lower section for storing vegetables. In this part of the refrigerator, the temperature usually varies between +2 and +C. Growth hormone but not frozen. One day transportation without refrigeration growth hormone does not hurt – if you carry from your home doctor, refrigeration is not necessary.

Even in this case it would not cause excessive heat, which tends to be hot days under the rear window of the car. After arriving home growth hormone right down to store in the fridge. If you plan a longer trip, holiday or vacation, arrange in advance the possibility of the imposition of growth hormone in the fridge. Take only the amount actually needed the product, we can transport any unnecessary repeated. They may occur in the treatment of complications? Treatment with growth hormone is safe.


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