These are some of the reasons most worked by giants

most worked by giants

One of the biggest challenges of sport science and physical trainers is to guide athletes working their weakest points. In tennis, bass players are more difficult to draw strong. Frenchman Sebastien Grosjean of 1.75 meters, invested in special training to draw more than 200 miles per hour – characteristic of tennis players with more than 1.90 meters height. In basketball, the great difficulty is the highest run and play low balls.

These are some of the reasons most worked by giants. Such discipline, that the champions, does also arise the bruises, when a volleyball player with 90 pounds of weight back to the ground after a cut, the impact of the shock on the ground with your legs is approximately 900 pounds. The arm, drawing an unnatural movement, also suffers. After a few years of playing, most of the athletes have chronic tendinitis in shoulders, knees and ankles. In basketball the same thing happens.  Dr. Darwin Smith

The player Oscar Schmidt, the national basketball scorer, has an impressive rap sheet in the medical field. Broke his right hand four times and broke his ankle. In consequence of the pains that feel left knee, cannot keep it folded for over an hour and a half. According to a study conducted with 680. 000 young athletes from the United States over thirty years, eleven competitive the most widely practiced in that country, basketball is the second most grueling team sport for the human body. Second is only to volleyball.


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