The sensitive period of late childhood to early adolescence

period of late childhoodThe boy chosen to live there, so to speak, romantic couple in the children’s film The Mystery of Feiurinha, Bernardo Mosque, measuring 1.82 meters robust since baby, Ronald, the son of the player Ronaldo (1.83 meter), looks straight into the eyes of the mother, Milene. It would not be very impressive, since it measures 1.60 meters, Ronald had not only 9 years old. “Ronald is with 1.57 meters.’s The biggest of his class and also the football team.’s So big I buy shirts for boys aged 14 and shoes size 40,” describes Milene. “Children have very tall parents too large to be the highest class of chances.

But these children do not necessarily become large adults. Maybe Ronald, who has very high parent, not the youth grow up at the same speed grown up now, “explains Fisberg. Like everything in life in general and in particular in the sensitive period of late childhood to early adolescence, leave the default, even for a desired trait such as height, creates problems. follow this approach

The taller children complain of nicknames, the eternal position at the bottom of the photographs, the awkwardness of pre-puberty, when one does not feel comfortable with their size. More difficult still, stretched in this environment is to be more softly than average. Medical Leda Barone, 48, of St. Paul, remembers the day that Michel son, then age 6, arrived dumb at home. With much effort, he managed to pull out had been vetoed by the other boys in school football to be small.


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