Michel began taking injections of growth hormone

injections of growth hormoneMichel was 1.09 meters and was lower than the brother of 4 years. “He said he could not stand to be called cap and noticed that I shortened his pants, which he did not with my other son,” Leda account. Under the guidance of a pediatrician, Michel began taking injections of growth hormone, GH for two and a half years, faced the treatment done with six injections per week.

In July, has been released: to 9 years and 8 months, Michel measures 1.34 meters 2 inches less than the average age measured by the World Health Organization, but enough to change lanes. “Without the medication, he had a prognosis of reaching age 18 with 1.60 meters. Now, should reach 1.70. Shall not be very high, but at least will reach the maximum height that your body may have” says Leda.  faster with exercises.

Treatment with the synthetic hormone GH, suitable for children who do not normally produce, is the most common for both boys and girls grow well below average. For specific cases of girls, there is another type of hormonal treatment to delay early puberty when the first signs that menstruation is coming ahead of time arise. “Puberty ‘closes’ the growth areas of the bones and stops its development,” says Luis Eduardo Calliari, pediatrician and endocrinologist at the Hospital Sao Luiz and professor of the Faculty of Medicine of Santa Casa.


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