A man of medium stature

A man of medium statureOnly one realizes that are impressively long when placed next to a man of medium stature, no one in the NBA as the lanky North Korean player Ri Myong-Hun, a typical Janjao. Giant with 2.35 meters, for years want a spot in the American League teams never succeeded. The closest he came was that getting the chance to play in Canada. Myong-Hun is so high that he can put the ball in the basket without taking your feet off the ground. Ri Myong-Hun, North Korea: ball in the basket without taking your feet off the floor.

The biotype of the athlete is the first step to success in sports. In some sports, such as volleyball and basketball, height helps. In recent years, tennis and swimming were also taken by altões. Gustavo Kuerten is 1.91 meters. In the pools, our hero Gustavo Borges has 2.03 meters. In other sports, the height hinders. Dr. Darwin Smith

A Formula 1 pilot has to be low, because of the little space available in the cockpit of the car. The Michael Schumacher is 1.74 meters tall. A jockey cannot be too large, otherwise increase the weight on the horse’s back and hurt the animals’ performance in the race and what about a gymnast with over 1.70 meters? How will she take off the ground? There are also those sports that house several biotypes without special predilection. It is the case of football.


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